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look at this fucked up bird


what the fuck

Ewww I think I just stumbled onto the blog of a shitty shithead I used to be friends with and eww gross they’ve gotten even more gross since the last time we spoke.

Lucky escape for me.

I’m crying because random strangers have been reading my Jhamel story and saying they like it, I never expected anyone to read my stuff let alone actually LIKE it, this is really nice and encouraging ahhhh

Bruce in a British Box

I’m laughing so hard, my Sims just set the kitchen on fire and then stood there screaming/laughing at it

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My mum asked me what was so funny the other day. I literally couldn’t explain the joke without telling her the entire RP plotline and basically ruining the joke. 

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When I was about 12, I wrote a short story for an English Literature assignment, about the Tooth Fairy taking a kid’s tooth and then coming back with a kitchen knife to kill the kid. Even though I got an A star for it, I think my teachers were a little bit scared, or at least a bit concerned. About a year or two before that in junior school I wrote another story about a kid who jumped into the ocean because he wanted to swim with the dolphins and believed he could magically turn into a mer-person but instead he ended up drowning himself. This was after he had already gotten cut to shreds by a big glass window exploding on him.. I remember my teacher really liked it and made me read it out in front of the whole class as well >:C

I just really wish I could find these stories again

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Time to party like the Klingons!

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