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Check it out…

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LADYBIRDS D:!!!???!?

Done :)


I want to make more wallpapers (it’s actually really fun!) but I’m out of ideas.

Any suggestions?

(Here’s the ones I’ve made so far, these links will have to do until I can get organized to make a proper links page.

I don’t know why I just drew this…

Doodling the Enterprise 1701D (Picard’s ship.)
I’m not finding it as fun to draw as the NX01. Maybe I just picked a bad angle.


Star Trek The Next Generation Sketch Cards 2/2 (Part One)


I really hate it when people take something said or done completely out of context and use it as a way to attack someone or call someone or some group of people a piece of crap (or infer it) without considering the broader picture.

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turns out i got myself in a panic over nothing

omg i’m a dumbass (who also can’t sleep)

Scotty is my fav character in tos.