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ugh the other day I was so happy that someone left nice comments about my stuff on AO3 but now I am getting a strong feeling that they want/expect me to write something I don’t wanna write and just…. nope… I am not writing that. 

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Happy Birthday, Malcolm Reed ❤ 2 September 2122



It is not cisgendered people who are the problem. It is transphobic people who are the problem.
It is not white people who are the problem. It is racist people who are the problem.
It is not heterosexual people who are the problem. It is homophobic people who are the problem.

It’s about time somebody said it.

Enterprise-A Day at the Beach by daisy7 on deviantART

ohhh my god

star trip enterprise by ninja-pi

I was looking for Ent fanart and I searched for “enterprise trip”…. this WASN’T EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IN MIND! (Still an awesome picture though, hehe)

Going to the dentist tomorrow to get by veneer glued back on. Wish me luck! (I’m hoping its all gonna be pretty routine)

Today a customer went to the fruit section, pulled all the leaves off a pineapple and threw them on the floor, then just walked off.

I don’t get people sometimes.

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A simple guide to know what the hell you are.



What a delightful sleeping bag

If someone broke into your tent trying to murder you you could just scare them off as a bear.